Chinapalace brings the finest Chinese and South-East Asian cuisine straight to your plate, offering you a savour fresh, exquisite and delicious experience in our stylish, enchanting and sumptuous restaurant.

Our aim is to offer you the remunerable, ultimate oriental eating experience with authentic Chinese food. Why not check our menu on this website ande order some delicacies right away or visit our restaurant to start enjoying a different eating experience.

Feel the Savor of Life

The combination of skills between a group of experienced chefs with their magical and contemporary combinations assures you that this restaurant is not like any other. Only the best ingredients are used to achieve great taste, customers regularly notice the clean taste of Oriental origins as how it was traditionally served. In our traditional Chinese artistic surroundings, you will find a great array of different authentic Chinese dishes that are delicately cooked by our chefs using the best suitable ingredients and traditional Chinese cooking techniques.

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Ahmed bin Anzari
Chinapalace has got a varied range of chinese dishes and an awesome team of people to serve you. Its the weekend destination for me and my friends... more

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Opening Hours

  • Morning: 11 AM - 4 PM
  • Evening: 6 AM - 12.30 PM